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The GH1660 Brass Monkey stand-up fridge features a slimline design that not only allows it to fit through an entrance door but also provides more flexibility in your kitchen area while maintaining a huge 95L single-door fridge with an ice compartment.

These fridges are comparable to traditional 240volt fridges, but instead, have a 12/24V compressor to run on low voltage efficiently. Suitable for off-grid cabins, and sheds.

This compressor refrigerator can run on 12 or 24 volts.

The GH1660 95L fridge is powered by a super-efficient LG compressor providing excellent cooling in all conditions and features quiet operation.

• Single door with internal ice compartment
• Crisper drawer
• 1 Height adjustable safety shelf
• 12/24VDC cigarette plug with merit socket adaptor
• High insulation rating allowing the freezer to go to below -18 and fridge 0 ~ 5
• Quick freezing function allows the retaining of natural flavour and nutritional value in fresh foods when frozen
• Metal door to withstand any tough camping and motorhome use
• 3-year warranty.
• LED internal light for easy finding of food in the dark